Hyper-fast internet connectivity introduced at Birchwood Park

James Rooney, labdesk operations director, left, and Mike Douglass

Warrington-based cloud and technology partner, labdesk, has launched 10GB internet connectivity across Birchwood Park, through the support and partnership with GigaBritain.

The business park will be equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of its vibrant community and the energy sector.

The upgrade marks a significant milestone in the evolution of connectivity within the region. Mike Douglass, labdesk commercial director, said: “Access to hyper fast, reliable and secure connectivity gives businesses a competitive edge, attracting top talent and positioning Birchwood Park as a premier destination for forward-
thinking companies.

“Birchwood Park serves as a vital hub for the nuclear sector, and the introduction of 10GB internet connectivity reinforces its position as a leading hotspot for industry innovation.”

He added: “The sector relies heavily on data-intensive operations and stringent security protocols. The high-speed internet provided by labdesk ensures that critical data can be transmitted securely and efficiently.”

Linda Welsby, leasing manager at Birchwood Park, said: “We’re pleased to see the introduction of this new 10GB internet service from labdesk on Birchwood Park. It adds to the diverse range of services and amenities available to our occupiers, via our park and its strong business networks that thrive here, further enhancing the appeal of being located right in the heart of the North West.

“As one of the largest hubs for the nuclear sector in the UK, this initiative will undoubtedly benefit companies with high security and data needs.”

Stephen Fitzsimons, Warrington Chamber of Commerce CEO, said: “This is excellent news for Warrington and especially the world class nuclear sector at Birchwood Park.

“There are around 6,000 people based there and they are sharing digital material on a daily basis. It is, therefore, essential that they are able to do so as quickly and securely as possible.”

Will Goodall, head of wholesale at GigaBritain, said: “Our mission is to create a connected world for businesses across the UK, and this is only possible working with our trusted partners like labdesk.”