Fresh Start Waste lands Bruntwood contract

Independent waste company Fresh Start Waste Services has been awarded the full waste management services contract across the Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech property portfolio.

As part of this new contract, Fresh Start will implement a focused recycling program designed to encourage both Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech customers to reduce waste output and maximise recycling efforts. 

Fresh Start will use split body vehicles, ensuring that waste sorted into separate bins by customers and cleaning staff remains segregated throughout the collection process. 

The new approach will ensure that Bruntwood are correctly streaming their waste.

Bev Taylor, Director for ESG Strategy at Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech said: “Fresh Start has made the transition to their services seamless. Their commitment to sustainability and transparency is perfectly aligned with our businesses and our Net Zero targets. Knowing that they genuinely recycle all of the waste we produce, and the use of recycled plastic bins is another positive step. The QR code system they’ve introduced makes managing our waste services incredibly convenient.”

Sean Martins, Head of Sales and Marketing at Fresh Start, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Bruntwood and Bruntwood SciTech, as fellow North West based companies, share our focus on improving the environmental credentials of their buildings.”

In addition to the innovative vehicle technology, Fresh Start has introduced new bins made from non-virgin recycled plastic across the properties. This move not only aligns with the environmental goals of both companies but also represents a significant step towards reducing reliance on virgin materials.