Friday High Five – the news this week

I must admit to a deflated feeling when it was clear that ANS and Inflexion weren’t going to take me up on my offer of explaining how they’ve been working hard to make things better for people who used to work for the monster who was jailed six months ago.

The story stands up, and I believe it’s in the public interest.

I gave them ample opportunity and reached out in good faith, but despite the best efforts of some intermediaries, they preferred silence.

Is it me that’s got this wrong, I asked myself?

The answer came in the form of supportive messages from people far closer to the court case than me. 

I’m not going to give this up, nor am I intimidated by threatening messages I’ve had this week from other people who don’t like me poking my nose into their business. 

Elsewhere, our lively new Rainmakers platform continues to look under the bonnet on some of the key deals and trends in the Northern mergers and acquisitions market.

But this week’s subscriber only piece takes you behind the scenes of efforts by the private equity world to get closer to the Labour Party.

But as the piece reveals, it’s been a long drawn out and well-planned charm offensive, involving key players on both sides, and lots of smoked salmon, apparently.

I’m generally enraged on a daily basis by the nonsense aired during the election campaign, but I want to keep our coverage sensible and in tune with the issues of business. 

Have a great weekend.

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