VetPlus to invest £2m in Lytham facility

David Haythornthwaite

Vet medicine manufacturer VetPlus is to invest £2million in its innovation facility in Lytham.

The company claims the investment will “revolutionise” its production capabilities.

Among the initiatives at the facility VetPlus is improving its liquids mixing capability, at a price of £1 million, which it describes as “the largest single project in the company’s history.” 

The upgrade promises a five-fold increase in liquid processing capacity while delivering enhanced control mechanisms for crucial functions such as heating, cooling, and cleaning. 

David Haythornthwaite, VetPlus Founder and Chairman, said: “Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives every decision we make. This significant investment forms part of our ambitious growth plans as we continue to expand both our product development capabilities and our international distribution network.

Also the owner of National League football club AFC Fylde, and an enthusiastic supporter of Brexit, Haythornthwaite said: “It not only underscores our dedication to developing world-class products, but also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with unparalleled quality and reliability.”

In recent years VetPlus has expanded overseas with new distributors in South America and a new business unit manager in Lagos, Nigeria and three employees are now based in a VetPlus Regional Support Office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Expansion in South America comes alongside a similar period of growth in Africa, where VetPlus currently has distributors in Egypt and Morocco.

VetPlus recorded a turnover of £14.9m, and profits of £3.45m in the year ending June 2023.

Joe Pierce, Head of Engineering at VetPlus, said:  “This landmark investment will revolutionise our already industry-leading facility even further, allowing us to continue setting the bar for product innovation and development. In particular, the new liquids mixing element puts us out ahead of the market and the possibilities it will bring for new product development are endless! This, along with other ongoing projects aimed at automating processes and expanding production capacities, really does reinforce our position as the sector leader.”