Cumbrian yard saddles up for growth after six-figure financial boost from HSBC

Boundary View

A Cumbrian stable yard has switched to become a premier track livery business with six-figure support from HSBC Bank.

Boundary View, based in Grange-over-Sands, has used the investment to acquire a new 10-acre plot and purchase the essential equipment.

Track systems mimic the natural environment of horses. Unlike a traditional paddock, the track allows horses to roam freely with the company of others, which increases natural herd behaviour.

Boundary View is set to enhance the offering to equines in the region, providing species-appropriate living and improved welfare for horses.

The yard benefits from a grass-free track system which aids rehabilitation, promotes movement and minimises a stress environment by keeping horses, as prey animals, together with their companions.

With the support of HSBC, Boundary View is anticipating an increase in turnover over the next 12 months and the creation of new jobs across the business to support growth plans.

Ruby Kowalski, Equine Veterinary Rehabilitation therapist at Boundary View, said: “We are so proud of the free range track that we have designed to put the horses’ needs first. Horses are my pride and joy, and I’ve been working with them for over 11 years professionally.

“We’re excited to offer a truly niche yard for the North West which has been designed with the wellbeing of the horses as a primary focus.

“Our grass-free system gives horses the freedom to roam, exercise as necessary and thrive within a herd dynamic.”

He added: “It is fantastic we have been able to make this option of boarding more readily available to equine enthusiasts in the North.”

Fiona Wilson, HSBC Agriculture Relationship Manager, said: “It is great to support the development of Boundary View.

“While many may not be familiar with this innovative livery yard boarding system, it presents an exciting opportunity for horse owners who are interested in creating a progressive home for their animals. We look forward to seeing the growth of Boundary View over the coming months.”

Boundary View aims to offer this type of livery for all horses in the region, including retired, ridden and horses in rehab stages, to help increase animal welfare standards and reduce equine metabolic diseases.