Zen Internet invests £3.5m in ethernet

NORTH West technology company Zen Internet is investing £3.5m in its infrastructure to expand its Ethernet services.

The independent Rochdale-based group is building a network of local exchange PoPs (Points of Presence) to provide it with 200 Ethernet nodes at local exchanges across the UK.

The investment means that it can beef-up its presence in the fast-growing ethernet market place, which Zen said grew 25% last year.

Unlike broadband, where users have to share services, ethernet connections are dedicated links to the web, and deliver faster connectivity and better security to users.

They are becoming more popular as businesses trade and store increasing amounts of data online.

Andrew Saunders, head of product management and marketing at Zen said: “Our considerable investment in building a new network of PoPs reflects our long-term plan to deliver services directly to our customers.

“Expanding our own network in this way allows us to provide more affordable services in what is a highly competitive and price-sensitive market, and we can guarantee an exceptional level of quality.

“Ofcom’s recently announced  proposal to increase price regulation of Ethernet leased line services demonstrates just how important these services are to UK plc, I am very pleased that we have already taken action to improve choice and value for business users.”
Zen believes its new ethernet services will appeal to organisations that have several offices or buildings spread across a local area, such as local authorities.