Liverpool airport boss voices Welsh APD concern

LIVERPOOL Airport chiefs have expressed concern that further devolution of powers to the Welsh Assembly, potgentially including the ability to set Air Passenger Duty, could hit its business.

Liverpool John Lennon chief executive Andrew Cornish spoke out after the government confirmed Wales was in line for similar devolved powers to Scotland.

Cornish said:”Liverpool is the closest airport for thousands of passengers from North Wales who choose to fly from here each year. Should plans to lower or abolish APD for airports in Wales go ahead then this is likely to have an impact on our business.

“The airport welcomes the opportunity to further contribute to the APD debate and to highlight the damage and loss of business that this tax continues to cause.

“We would hope that sense will prevail and that the Government would subsequently ensure a consistent charging regime across all parts of the UK, so as not to put airports such as Liverpool at a disadvantage compared to those in both Wales and Scotland, and to airports across Europe where aviation taxes are already significantly lower than in the UK.”

Regional airports argue that APD – which is a major source of revenue for the Treasury – is a tax on growth and discourages international carriers to invest.