Greek restaurant chain gets £350,000 loan deal

A MANCHESTER-based Greek restaurant chain has agreed a £350,000  loan deal with Royal Bank of Scotland, which has also taken on its day to day banking.

Bouzouki By Night was set up by owner and chef Panos Louroutziatis and partner Photis Nasaris, on Princess Street in 1987.

They have since expanded into Sale and Horwich near Bolton, providing high quality Greek food and live entertainment, employing 30 members off staff and boasting an annual turnover £700,000.

RBS has taken on existing debt and consolidated the company’s finances.

Panos Louroutziatis, co-owner of Bouzouki By Night, commented “We have a proven track record of year on year growth and required a trusted relationship with our bank to help us achieve further success.”

Liz Williamson, relationship Manager at RBS, added, “At RBS we are dedicated to supporting local businesses and Bouzouki By Night is a great example of how close relationship management can assist a business with the financial side of their business.

“We are proud to be associated with a credible local restaurant chain and welcome Panos and Photis to the bank.”