Plans for 6,000 panel solar farm near Bolton

PLANS for a solar farm in Bolton have been submitted the town council on behalf of applicant Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority.

The submission to Bolton Council on behalf of GMWDA by AMEC Environment & Infrastructure is for 6,028 solar panels on nearly 10 acres of land on the grounds of the former GNB Batteries site on Salford Road, Over Hulton.

If approved, Salford Road Solar Farm will generate 1.65MW, or 1.4 million KW per year, equivalent to the annual domestic electricity needs for 424 houses.

However, the energy produced will be used to power GMWDA’s in-Vessel Composter (IVC), representing a saving of 602 tonnes CO2 per year, and surplus power will be fed back into the national grid.

The proposal follows discussions with Harworth Estates which is currently constructing the Logistics North site at Cutacre.

AMEC says GMWDA “has taken the views of the local community, planning officers and local landowners into account” after a feasibility study found there was potential for a solar farm on the site.

Salford Road Liaison Group has also been formed to take on board views of residents and officers from the local authority.

The solar farm will be connected to the substation by an underground cable and HV switchroom.

“The development itself will aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels by providing a clean source of renewable energy by harnessing the sun’s energy,” the submission says.

“The layout of the arrays ensures that they receive the maximum amount of light possible, therefore producing the highest energy yield.

“The plan utilises a brownfield derelict site by using a renewable technology to ensure the proposed development contributes to reducing the levels of CO2 and helps to deliver the EU target of a 20% renewable energy by 2020.”