Emirates breaks eight million barrier in 25th year

EMIRATES is celebrating carrying more than eight million passengers between Manchester and Dubai in its 25-year tenure at Manchester Airport.

Of those eight million, up to 3.6 million have travelled in the last five years, with almost 800,000 – nearly a third of the population of Greater Manchester – travelling through the Airport in the last year alone.

Emirates first launched its route to Manchester Airport on November 2 1990 as a twice-weekly service to Dubai.

As passenger numbers increased, Emirates added more aircraft to the route and it now offers three daily flights between Dubai and Manchester, two of which are operated by the A380 and the third by a Boeing 777.

Emirates is the only carrier to fly an A380 from Manchester, having first introduced the superjumbo to the airport in 2010.

It now employs 30 permanent staff at the airport, while its European customer contact centre, which is based in Manchester, employs more than 350 people.

Upwards ofsix million meals have been made locally in Manchester to serve Emirates passengers travelling to Dubai and 70 crew members stay in Manchester every night between flights at local hotels. The airline also invested £1.5m in the Emirates Lounge, which opened at Manchester Airport in October 2009.

Emirates vice president UK Laurie Berryman said: “In 25 years of operating at Manchester Emirates has experienced unprecedented levels of growth.

“When we first launched, we employed just six members of staff working across the sales and check in teams.

“Now, we employ almost 400 people in Manchester and carry almost 9,000 passengers from Manchester to Dubai each week. Our success in the region is a testament to the growth of both Manchester and Dubai as popular global business and leisure destinations.”

Manchester Airport managing director Ken O’Toole said: “We are pleased to celebrate Emirates 25th anniversary at Manchester Airport.

“Over the last quarter of a century Emirates has grown passenger numbers, capacity and frequency from the UK’s Global Gateway from the North, whilst consistently delivering a fantastic passenger experience.”