Roxtec’s seals deal at London Bridge rail substation

BURY-based manufacturer Roxtec has designed and manufactured heavy-duty cable seal solutions for Network Rail’s London Bridge railway station substation.

The bespoke frames which, at 218kg each, are the heaviest products Roxtec has ever produced for the UK, are specifically designed for the project.

Together with the Roxtec sealing modules and compression units they protect against the threat of water ingress, condensation, fire and rodents.

Roxtec UK managing director Graham O’Hare said the rail substation project, part of the multi-billion pound Thameslink Programme, required all of Roxtec’s engineering experience and expertise.

“Network Rail commissioned us to seal cables entering the substation from ground level inside a trackside riser above a switch room,” he said.

“We had to ensure that the cables feeding from the switchgear substation to the tracks were properly sealed and protected against multiple hazards.”