7 books Goldman Sachs wants you to read right now


Now summer is pretty much over, it gives us less reasons to head to the pub after work or spend our weekends lazing around in the garden. The next few weeks with the kids back at school and things returning to normal at work mean that you will have much more time to get reading books that are going to help you become successful. Banking giant Goldman Sachs has put together a back-to-school reading list with book recommendations from some of the leading business figures at the branches around the world. It is time to get buying and start reading, here are just a few of our favourites from their recommendations…

The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver 
This book by New York Times political forecaster Nate Silver reveals how we can develop better foresight in an incredibly uncertain world. Nate, who accurately predicted the results of every state in the 2012 US election, looks into everything from the stock markets and economies to the poker table and even earthquake. The book explains to the reader how they can use information and data in a much smarter way.

The Healthy WorkplaceThe Healthy Workplace by Leigh Stringer 
This book is filled with tips and advice for improving a workplace and building a long-term plan whilst boosting employee well-being. Leigh looks into how employers can create a much healthier and energizing environment for their workers, taking inspiration from companies such as Google and Apple and their workplace techniques. 
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World Order by Henry Kissinger 
In this book, Kissinger explores the motivations of nations and the attitudes of states and empires. He looks into four great world orders in history and how each nation responded. The book explores how attitudes have evolved over the years and how these moments in history shaped the future of the country, region and the world.

Zero to OneZero to One by Peter Thiel 
This book, written by PayPal’s co-founder and an early Facebook investor, is an updated version of the popular set of online notes that were taken by Masters during a class on start-ups that was taught by Peter Thiel at Stanford University in 2012. The book explains how progress can be achieved in any industry and that comes from learning the most important skill: learning how to think for yourself. 
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Massive Change by Bruce Mau 
Massive Change is part of a research project by Bruce Mau Design which looks into the inventions and events around the world that are affecting the human race. The book explores the changing forces of design in the world and how environments, transportation, technologies and energy is changing every day. The book is divided into illustrated sections, covering major areas of change in architecture, health, wealth and politics.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara 
The story of A Little Life follows four broke classmates who move to New York to make their way. The book follows their lives and how they cope when they become successful and how they get tinged by addiction and pride. However, their greatest challenge is Jude and secrets of his past.

ChurchillChurchill: A Life by Martin Gilbert 
This book follows the story of Winston Churchill, from his earliest days to his moments of triumph which have gone down in history. Author Martin Gilbert gives the reader a vivid portrait of the political figure by using some of Churchill’s most personal letters to both his friends and enemies, which go behind the scenes of some of the most fascinating political events of our time. 


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