Investor celebrates £185m deals milestone

BOLTON-based Landmark Investments Group has announced it has placed £185m of ground rent deals into lawyers hands, including the largest – upwards of £70m – in the financial year to September 30.

Established in 2000, Landmark’s main area of activity is the acquisition and management of residential and commercial ground rents.
The activity covers Landmark’s own growing portfolio as well as deals for a number of retained clients.  It is estimated that the deal haul covers in excess of £7bn worth of land and property.

Landmark own portfolio has now surpassed £35m, up from £25m at the last financial year end and is expected to clear £50m in the next 12 months.

Managing director Mark Hawthorn said: “The past 12 months has seen continue to grow and lead the market as advisers, investors and managers. We have put almost £300m of stock into lawyers in the last couple of years.

“We continue to see big opportunities for commercial property owners around the creation of commercial ground rents on new and existing stock.
“This year we have also been awarded investment and management mandates from major institutions and we expect to be looking after more than 20,000 units within next few months.

“We recently soft launched Landmark Development Solutions (LDS), a new division to the Group which is an innovative and new alternative sales channel for residential developers, offering the removal of risk and the retention of rewards associated with development.”

Hawthorn said LDS will contractually underwrite entire housing schemes pre-construction, removing developer’s fears around future pricing and demand.  

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