Precision machinist firm speaking new languages

SOUTHPORT-based precision machinist Lattimer is launching a new multi-lingual sales force to drive expansion across Europe.

The firm which exports 96% of total sales has ramped up turnover to £10.6m, following 30% growth in the last 12 months.

Lattimer Holdings chief executive Stephen Waterhouse said the firm is continuing to build momentum after appointing a new sales team targeting territories across Eastern Europe.

This follows recent success in Portugal and Spain where a trial model was rolled out and resulted in a 100% sales increase in the first year.

“After many years selling into Germany and the surrounding territories through a long-term distributor Lattimer has now launched its own multi-lingual direct field sales team in territories towards the east of Europe,” said Waterhouse.

“The team will consist of field sales personnel with German, Polish, Ukraine and Baltic language skills covering Germany, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and surrounding territories.

“This represents a significant shift in the way we operate in this particular region.

“We have essentially replaced a single distributor with a more nimble and skilled in-house team. They will be able to penetrate countries within this vast region with greater precision.

“As well as language skills, they bring deeper knowledge and understanding of cultures and working practices in a variety of areas.

“Client support will also be provided with a multi-lingual in-house sales team based in Southport. We have taken real confidence from initial findings with new model and targets for 2017 have been set to double sales in East Europe.”

Lattimer’s UK site has a twin facility in Vineland, New Jersey, USA. It designs and manufactures more than 20,000 different component parts predominantly for the glass container manufacturing industry.
The firm was recently named a national champion in the European Business Awards for its impressive international track-record. Its key machining processes, which enable it to deliver complex component parts, include milling, turning, mill-turning and grinding.

Lattimer UK managing director Mark Hailwood said the firm’s largest overseas markets remain in Australasia, the Middle East and Africa. However, this latest move will help increase market share in European territories which currently account for 17% of overseas sales.

“We are already seeing large gains as a result of adapting our sales approach,” said Hailwood. “In the first half of 2016 we matched last years’ overall sales total for the Ukraine and Russian markets.
“Lattimer takes great pride in its reputation as an engineering ‘problem solver’ and providing cost effective products and solutions. Our one-stop-shop approach includes the design, manufacturing, test and measurement, installation and maintenance of component parts.

“However, our ‘silver bullet’ for securing contracts often lies in the ability to deliver unique solutions to suit customers’ needs. Our design department benefits from decades of industry experience enabling it to create complex component parts in low volume orders.”