An Array of Bank Card Solutions for Your Business from Wallester

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Many businesses, in the current market, would like to offer credit and debit cards to their clients. This is especially true in the European market currently. Such cards would be best if they also carried the organization’s branding and company name. How does a business find such a solution?

From white-label card issuing to a full loyalty rewards program, Wallester provides the solution you need for business-branded credit and debit cards. Their user-friendly API provides up-to-date information on any device whenever and wherever you need it.

Who is Wallester?

Wallester is a new addition to the worldwide Visa card-issuing movement that offers complete financial card solutions for businesses and companies. By providing white-label and Visa co-branded cards they are able to offer an interface that is easy to use while implementing detailed user tools for managing all credit, debit, and loyalty card needs for any business.

Based in Estonia, Wallester is a Visa Principal Member and provides a secure API that can be integrated into any business no matter what the size. Created by world-class software engineers, their REST API will provide you with a comprehensive solution for all of your company’s credit, debit, prepaid, and white-label card needs. To put it simply, “complex has never been so easy.”

The European Company Working for Europe

Wallester has realized the need for European companies across the continent to issue business branded cards to their workforce and clients. Backed with Visa’s ability to be accepted virtually anywhere in the world, Wallester can offer a secure system to manage the financial needs of any company.

With innovative technology encompassing both physical and virtual cards, Wallester enables businesses to provide branded financial cards to their clients or employees with loyalty reward programs that offer cashback and discount incentives. This can even include single-use cards that are ideal for subscription-based programs.

Cards that Work With Your Company’s Needs

All of Wallester’s white-label solutions are fully compatible with the core structure of your business flow model. They are fully KYC and AML compliant and with their simple API implementation, you can get your branded cards to market with minimal turnaround time.

Software engineers at any company will be able to easily integrate Wallester’s API into their existing business solutions ensuring swift access and a high rate of compatibility. The days of businesses needing to merge various systems to make their card solutions work are over. Wallester works seamlessly with your existing
systems in a quick and organized way.

Secure and Convenient

Each and every card that Wallester offers to businesses have embedded 3D security – an extra step of verification that makes online spending safer. They can be integrated with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay for added convenience.

Fraud monitoring is included with any card solution that you choose and with Wallester being a Visa PrincipalMember, card fraud insurance is also available as a standard feature.

Wallester is the Right Partner for You to Choose

If you want to offer your clients a finance card that is branded to your company, Wallester is the choice for you. Complete with the compatibility and convenience provided by Visa, combined with an easy-to-use, innovative API and top of the line security, all your needs will be at your fingertips.