Entrepreneur launches revolutionary AI social media platform to support small businesses

A Manchester-based social media company is hoping to revolutionise the way small business owners create social media content with the launch of an artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Vulse, created by entrepreneur and Social Republic CEO, Rob Illidge, hopes to reduce the time it takes for users to create engaging content from two hours to under three minutes.

The platform, which can be used by small business owners and digital marketing agencies, uses unique algorithms and AI to hold the hand of the user through the content creation process, providing post scores along the way.

Rob Illidge, founder and CEO of Vulse, explained:

“For many years we have witnessed the difficulties small business owners have when creating engaging social media content.

There are three significant issues in terms of creativity, knowledge of complex algorithms and allocating budgets to the most effective platforms.

With multiple platforms used to create ideas or schedule content, the journey becomes complicated, resulting in poor performing posts. So we solved that problem.

Our mission is to help small business owners compete more effectively in today’s digital economy by providing them with the resources they need to stand out online – without having to hire an expensive agency or rely on overpriced, self-service tools.”

The platform is already utilised by thousands of users globally, with investment raises expected throughout the year.

To register please visit https://vulse.co