Start-up Archibility, provides a low-cost service to estate agents, developers, investors and homeowners presenting desktop planning policy/feasibility reports bespoke to each property.

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In the earliest stages of any building project imagine having a tool to understanding the opportunities hidden within your development and working out the options available to you.

While the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease has posed great challenges to the worldwide economy and people’s daily lives and will have far-reaching consequences. At the same time, the crisis is also a strong driver of creativity and innovation. During the lockdown, one young female entrepreneur has found the time (she would not normally have) to completely smash the glass ceiling in the male-dominated property, architecture, and construction industry and produce a tool called ‘Archibility” the name derived from architecture, feasibility and probability. Clients will use this tool as a solid starting point for their projects.

Online start-up Archibility is a tool for developers, investors, householders and estate agents. It is a fast, cost-effective planning feasibility report to help understand whether an architectural project can work in theory. Archibility offers three options, bronze, silver, and gold, for householders, medium-size developers, and major projects.

The team includes professionals who create planning feasibility reports for anything from householder applications to larger commercial developments, showing realistic development possibilities. Archibility helps find rules, policies, regulations, similar projects to show what can feasibly be built on site. Reports include details such as fully scaled OS Maps, statistics, and surroundings, local amenities, planning policies, and constraints.

Saira Hussain founder of Archibility commented saying, ‘My background is in architecture and property, the idea came to me after a phone call with a developer who wanted some ‘quick advice’ on a proposal to build three new build homes, I was able to offer very basic on the spot advice however I suggested I carried out a desktop study, I’d find information to assist with the project, check relevant legislation, find similar case studies, carry out a planning history check and assess and risks the proposal may have and what the possible solutions could be considered and issue conclusive thoughts.  The process took 3-4 days and the client was extremely impressed with the turnaround and the content of the report, this helped them make an informed decision about the project.”

Instead of developers/Investors and homeowners spending a considerable amount of time and energy going to various bases and suppliers, Archibility has created a structure that can answer specific property planning questions. The desktop reports start from £250 + VAT


Examples reports are available on: