Young businessman is making his mark in the Networking Industry

Syed Ali Naqvi a man worth inspiration was born in Pakistan has gained an appreciation of different cultures! Having lived in Pakistan and UK where he Studied Accountancy and has seen financial outbreaks at a very young age.

As he casts his mind back to the time whilst he was studying at university, Ali remembers that he struggled a great deal financially.

“To help improve my financial situation, I understood that I needed to find a job in order to stabilize myself however, this proved to be extremely difficult.” 

Finally, after a great deal of searching, Ali managed to get a job in Uk’s biggest fast-food chain as a Supervisor. During the time he was working, he realized that he didn’t want to have a regular 9 to 5 job and wanted to do something greater in life.

“I wanted to do something for myself and at this point, I acknowledged that I had a huge desire to have a business of my own.”

However, looking at his financial situation, he had no enthusiasm or initiative to pursue such aspirations. Due to his lack of focus at work, Ali lost his job in and ended up on jobseekers, then he started working in Accountancy Firm and started working as a property consultant.

After a few months, a former work colleague introduced Ali to Network Marketing. At this point, he hardly knew anything about the industry but thought he would give it a shot and see how he got on. After a year of working in Network Marketing, Ali still hadn’t accomplished any success however, as he found this industry very intriguing, he wasn’t going to give up so easily and persevered.

“This first year of working in Network Marketing must have been one of the most difficult years of my career as I saw no achievement and on top of that, I was not being paid for the work I was doing.

Regardless of all this, I somehow managed to push myself through by believing that this was a learning curve for me and if I was going to be successful in reaching my desired goals, I would need to carry on working and gain further experience and knowledge of the industry”.

It also became apparent to Ali that he wasn’t going to become successful just by gaining knowledge and experience.

“I needed to go one step further and that was by investing in myself.”

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Ali found himself reading various books and watching videos of how people had become successful. After such exposure, he decided that he needed to have coaches to mentor and provide guidance to him. He started listening to the advice his coaches gave him and took on board their feedback and implemented this into his daily life accordingly.

Many people laughed at me, many people criticized me, many people told me why are you doing this? many many people told me this will never work, but today I don’t work. Today I am completely financially independent I can do what I want, when I want, with whoever I want, and you can’t put a price tag on that

This was life-changing and since then I have seen continuous success.”