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Disruption creates opportunities. And has the platform for you to get your message out and make the right connections, and quickly. Business development becomes even more important in a period of disruption and uncertainty. Companies need to hear from the experts about the subjects that matter to them now. brings together digital technology, expert thought leaders and a senior executive audience together to promote your business, brand and expert opinion through our virtual event services. With more than 300,000 unique visitors to our website each month and more than a decade's experience of delivering digital content to our audience, we are the right partner to work with in producing something that is bespoke, targeted and timely. There are four different thought leadership platforms to choose from: To find out more about how your business can benefit from TheBusinessDesk'com's platform, email  


This takes our successful seminar offering to an online audience. Up to five business leaders and experts - including you, as sponsor - will discuss the key issues of the topic in a panel discussion chaired by Each panellist will appear by video, and the event will be streamed live to an audience which has registered in response to direct marketing, news stories, display advertising and social media activity on TheBusinessDesk platforms. Each event would be given its own social media handle allowing social media debate, and expanding the event's reach. The recorded event would be published on, alongside two news stories focussed on the key points from the discussion.  

Virtual roundtable

6-8 delegates, plus sponsor and, who will chair the discussion. will arrange all delegate participants, technology and record the meeting as part of a post event coverage piece on daily email and website searchable indefinitely. The coverage post event would be two stories and will also be complemented by supporting social media campaign. Each delegate will be invited to meet with the sponsor following the debate but this will be at the delegate’s discretion.  

Viewpoint - sponsored columns

TheBusinessDesk receives, seeks out and researches hundreds of potential news stories every day but only a selection of these reaches our news pages. Those that are published are selected by the editorial team on their newsworthiness. A press release, or opinion-led article can never be guaranteed to run as it depends on the day’s news agenda. However if you have content, expertise, or thought leadership that you want to communicate to our subscribers then we do run a limited number of sponsored articles that appear as news on the home page and which will be sent within the Daily Email appearing as one of the stories of the day. These articles are overseen by our editorial team and do require editorial approval but we have run many sponsored articles that provide useful insight from experts within the regions to our subscriber base. These sponsored articles are often made up as a series delivering content over a number of weeks or way of delivering an important message to your local business community. With receiving more than more than 300,000 unique visitors including many business leaders and decision makers a ‘sponsored column’ can deliver a powerful message. Include a TheBusinessDesk Company Profile and your article can be even hyperlinked straight through to your Profile page giving the reader access to your full contact details and more information to promote your company and its products and services.  


Your new enhanced profile and interview with The company and individual profiles on are designed to help our clients build corporate and individual awareness within the regional business community and benefit from TheBusinessDesk’s traffic and visibility in the business community and the search engines. We profile organisations through an interview with either: your CEO, senior management, partners or business owners and feature this interview on our daily email as a featured article under our theme: In Profile. The article will link to your own Company and Personal profile page which will include information on your senior management and your business. Your Profile be updated at any time and with the feature will help you:
  • Promote your business-to-business leaders and executives
  • Raise your personal and company brand with search engines – be found more easily and have authoritative references to your work and expertise online
  • Create a great piece of PR for you and your company that can link to your own website
  • Create a valuable networking tool promoting your LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media profiles.
Package includes:
  • One interview with your chosen person featured on TheBusinessDesk daily email and searchable indefinitely on our website
  • Hyper link any of you news/PR on TheBusinessDesk to your own Profile
  • Company Profile, up to 400 words, searchable on our profile channel by name and sector
  • Company details plus logo and weblink to your site
  • Promoted on the regions’ business directory throughout the year.
  • Personal Profile, up to 400 words, photograph, and optional links to LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook profiles for two members of your senior management team
  To find out more about how your business can benefit from's platform, email