New firm acquires rights to motorsports tyres brand

A new brand inspired has acquired assets, including the brand license, traditionally used in the manufacturing and sale of a broad range of motorsport tyres under the names Avon Motorsport and Avon Racing.

With a newly established commercial headquarters in Holt, Wiltshire Nova Motorsport has become the global supplier of the vast majority of Avon Motorsport and Avon Racing products.

Founder of Nova Motorsport and managing director of its parent company, SPC Group, Paul Hallas, said: “Leveraging these valuable assets we will proudly continue the legend with the vast majority of the Avon Motorsport range of tyre products, and also innovate with new offerings borne out of our long-established expertise in rubber compounding at SPC Group.

“We are fortunate to start our new business with a recognised product and ready global reach through agents around the world. This will help us to swiftly establish our presence as a ‘new brand with heritage’ in the industry, and we look forward to sharing more of our future vision in the coming weeks.”

Nova Motorsport has secured all residual stock from the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company to deliver consistent service and supply.

In addition, new product lines will showcase Nova Motorsport’s commitment to performance, heritage and quality, with the extended range scheduled to be introduced in the second half of 2024.

With an in-house research and development department and a newly formed team of global industry experts, the company aims to eclipse industry standards for bespoke tyre technology and speed-to-market, setting new benchmarks for performance and customer service.

The brand’s ambition is to be the number one choice for specialist high-performance, low-volume automotive manufacturers, connoisseurs, and private collectors.

Nova Motorsport aims to quickly establish its presence in global motorsport and the racing community.

The new company’s expertise will enable tailored tyre offerings to meet the specific needs of diverse racing categories. In addition, the brand is committed to substantial investments in research and development to ensure Nova Motorsport remains firmly at the forefront of tyre technology for competition cars and high-performance vehicles.

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