Heathcoat Fabrics agrees textile technology collaboration

Giulio Cesareo, founder of Directa Plus

Tiverton-based textiles business Heathcoat Fabrics has launched a collaboration with a graphene nanoplatelets producer.

Directa Plus said Heathcoat Fabrics “aligns with its vision of leveraging cutting-edge graphene technology to address complex challenges and unlock customer value”.

The partnership will see Directa Plus’s G+ Planar Thermal Circuit technology integrated into Heathcoat fabrics portfolio.

The textiles technology will help to control and regulate the user’s body temperature and the fabrics can also gain antibacterial properties, giving it applications in industries such as aerospace and healthcare.

Giulio Cesareo, founder and chief executive of Directa Plus, said: “This collaboration cements our leadership in integrating graphene into real-world applications and ensures a more robust presence of our G+® textile technologies in the UK markets.

“Together, we are set to unveil textiles that offer superior functionality sustainability for tomorrow’s challenges.”

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