Tech support firm to open innovation lab in Bristol

Tech protection and support company Likewize, has announced the opening of a new innovation laboratory in Bristol.

The purpose-built space will be used to harness cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Natural Language Understanding to deliver superior customer experience services for its partners including leading network operators, retailers, and banks.

The space will be used to develop unique and ground-breaking ways for its clients to provide unparalleled services to their customers.

Likewize will use this space to develop the technologies that will move its customers beyond existing digital channels – opening up new possibilities with services such as Virtual Presenters, using industry-leading innovations like AI Avatars and Augmented Reality.

Having already invested £50m into the UK, the unique facility, which will open this month, is the latest move in the award-winning company’s continued growth.

The new facility will be home to over 50 data scientists, with a team of developers providing onshore development capability for clients in the UK. The new Innovation Labs will also collaborate with the Likewize Global Centre of Excellence – giving the new UK-based team the ability to tap into a broader global team of 200 developers.

The expert team based at the Innovation Labs will continue the company’s growth and pioneering work in knowledge technologies, leading the charge in shaping the future of digitised customer services. Its revolutionary use of ‘voice of the customer’ analytics and natural language processing will help the current and future customers of Likewize reach a solution faster than via any other support channel.

The investment will provide Likewize with an expandable space, solely dedicated to developing innovative customer experience tools. With room for expansion as the dedicated team grows, the centre of excellence will focus on enhancing its portfolio of services for existing and future partners.

The prime location, set within Bristol’s flourishing tech community, allows for collaboration with complementary local businesses. Its position also gives the company access to the brightest talent from the region’s top universities, while offering graduates the opportunity to join the Likewize graduate training programme.

Andy Morris, chief executive Europe at Likewize, said: “With technology playing such a central role in modern lives, it is vital that digital customer experiences are as effective and painless as possible. We already solve a customer tech problem every 3 seconds on average, and last year we resolved over 10 million customer issues using our technology – which means we are uniquely placed to drive future innovation based on the insights from these millions of customer interactions.

“In this rapidly evolving landscape, Likewize is dedicated to investing in CX innovation, leveraging the most pioneering technologies in this space to drive the best outcomes for customers and lower cost for clients. The Likewize Innovation Labs will enable the continuation of this pioneering innovation, bringing exciting developments not just to Likewize, but to the wider industry.”