Leadership coaching provider lands major contract with US firm

A leadership coaching and training provider has landed a major new contract with the makers of Peperami.

Wiltshire-based Fired Up Leaders is working with US meat snacks producer Jack Link’s, supporting the leadership team at its European operation in Amsterdam and Germany.

The boutique consultancy is run by Nicola Lyle, who has been coaching for almost 20 years. Along with her team of associates, she specialises in working with high-growth SMEs.

Fired Up Leaders beat off stiff competition from larger providers, impressing Jack Link’s with the bespoke programme Nicola devised.

“We were asked to create a leadership development programme encompassing training and coaching for their senior leadership team,” said Nicola.

“We have already delivered the first two training sessions and the coaching has also got underway. When Jack Link’s compared us to other providers in the UK and Europe, what attracted them was the bespoke programme could deliver.”

Closer to home, Fired Up Leaders has been supporting the senior leadership team at stairlift and home lift specialist Stannah, helping them achieve even higher levels of performance as they grow.

Fired Up Leaders has three pillars to the business: mental fitness training, leadership training and executive coaching, working mainly with clients in the engineering, food and drink, defence, and legal sectors.

“The mental fitness training identifies our saboteurs that get in the way, preventing us from performing to our best selves,” said Nicola. “We all have these saboteurs, but by going through the programme it enables us to be mentally fit when challenges come our way.

“Mental fitness training is often a starting point for our clients, who then go on to engage us for coaching for individuals or for teams. It is about helping them to attain higher levels of impact, performance, behaviour, and results, so becoming better leaders of their teams and of the business.”

The third pillar – leadership training – focuses on areas including leadership development, communication skills, delegation skills, managing colleagues, or managing change.

“When I set up the business, I was really clear we would offer both training and coaching. When you only provide training, people don’t integrate the information sufficiently. It’s all about giving people actionable tools that they can take away and apply.

“What we really love is working with high growth SMEs and partnering with them as they grow. For us, it is always about the relationships we have with clients and being that trusted partner.”

Nicola and her associates come highly recommended. Andy Hastilow, Chief Manufacturing Officer at Stannah, said : “Working with Nicola has been transformative. She has helped me understand and manage my own internal dynamics which creates focus and awareness, raising levels of performance. I have found the process to be inspiring, challenging, energising and uncomfortable in equal measure. I am still learning and would recommend Nicola to any leader wanting to break through to a new level of excellence.”