Sustainable partnership launched in the South West

FinTech West has announced a collaboration with the Sustainable Economies Research Group UWE.

The aimed of the partnership is to position the region as the UK leader in green and ethical-led finance activities.

The initiative will bring together the significant cluster of purpose-led tech businesses in the region with world-leading knowledge and expertise in ethical and green finance.

Launched at an event jointly hosted by UWE and FinTech West, this cross-sector collaboration featured presentations by Greenbank, Bristol City Council and WECA.

The initiative aims to mobilise the community operating in the sector to drive critical research to inform future Sustainable Finance solutions in the South West,

A plan is now in progress to identify relevant stakeholders and funders in order to secure funding for research into the most impactful initiatives to focus on under the Sustainable Finance umbrella.

Stuart Harrison, director of FinTech West, said: “In the South West we’re well versed in leading change, particularly when it comes to ethical, environmental and social impact initiatives, and we’re unique in having a large WealthTech focus within FinTech.

This strategy provides a platform to bring together the many strengths of the region – from tech innovations to FinTech to climate action – to directly impact national issues such as climate change, financial inclusion, and ethical investment.”

Professor Peter Bradley, Professor of Sustainable Economy, UWE adds “The University has long been involved in both research and education across FinTech and sustainability, and with almost 50% of businesses in the West of England classified as “innovation active” according to WECA, there is strong opportunity to develop research to analyse innovations and their capabilities to advance the sustainable economy”.

The West of England Combined Authority will continue to collaborate closely, with the opportunity of the activities to contribute towards delivery of the West of England Plan for Innovation.

This plan identifies Sustainable FinTech as one of four key innovation sectors to deliver the authority’s regional priorities, particularly around new and better products and services for climate and nature, securing high quality jobs and training for innovation, and putting the West of England’s world class innovation cluster on the global map for investment and innovation excellence.


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