Pioneering car share scheme launched at Plymouth development

Palmerston Heights

A pioneering car shame scheme has been launched on a housing development in Plymouth.

Persimmon Homes’ Palmerston Heights has launched a hire by the hour electric car scheme.

Residents can sign up for car club membership and only pay for a car when they need one instead of meeting the daily running costs of their own first or second cars.

Co Cars members can book vehicles and pick them up from dedicated on-street parking bays, delivering them back to that bay when they have completed their journeys.

As well as the cars at Palmerston Heights, members can also book any other car in the Co Cars network.

There are already more than 40 low emission and electric cars to choose from at locations from Falmouth to Salisbury in the South West.

And in partnership with Plymouth City Council, Co Cars will be launching over a dozen more electric vehicles around Plymouth during 2023.

Adam Church, managing director of Persimmon Homes Cornwall and West Devon, said:  “As a responsible business, we recognise the importance of making a positive contribution to the communities we work in.

“We want to help our customers on their journey to zero carbon with the added advantage of helping them save on the cost of running cars that are not used regularly.

“Co Cars at Palmerston Heights offers an alternative to car ownership for local residents with the convenience of easy accessibility to vehicles when needed.

“As a business, Persimmon has set ambitious net zero carbon targets, and we will continue to positively transform local communities through these exciting and innovative partnerships.”

Nic Eversett, managing director of Co Cars, added:  “We are excited to bring our vehicles and charging points to Palmerston Heights for the benefit of the local residents. Because our cars are shared between our members, they are used around 35 per cent of the time with each one removing, on average, around 10 private cars from the road.

“Members only pay for the hours they use plus mileage. Our affordable pricing includes fuel or – if electric – charging at the car club bay, insurance, tax, maintenance and roadside assist, potentially saving thousands every year.

“Because it’s so easy to calculate the cost of Co Cars usage, members can weigh up the financial and environmental cost of driving versus other forms of transport; with many reporting increased levels of walking, cycling and public transport usage.”


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