Independent group adds Devon school to its stable

A private schools group is poised for continued growth in the education sector following a recent refinancing deal.

Currently operating twenty-five schools and nurseries across the South East, the group has expanded its footprint by acquiring a new school.

Shebbear College is on an 85 acre site situated in Devon.

Established by Amit Mehta, Inspired Learning Group specialises in revitalising financially struggling schools, ensuring their sustainability for future generations.

Amit and his team achieve this by creating new revenue streams for schools and leveraging the efficiencies and benefits that come from being under the protective umbrella of a larger group of schools and nurseries.

ILG aims to provide an educational environment where children are nurtured and encouraged to excel and who will, in turn, shape the outlook of the next generation.

The group’s educational philosophy emphasises a blend of traditional values and a forward-thinking approach, aiming to cultivate students who become positive, impactful members of society equipped for future economic success.

With schools and nurseries within the group receiving regular plaudits from ISA and Ofsted, the group’s unique educational philosophy is proving effective. This positive feedback underscores the group’s commitment to providing high-quality education and its success in creating environments where children thrive.

Now, following a refinancing deal with Allica Bank, Inspired Learning Group is able to expand its innovative approach to education further with continued growth. Allica Bank – a challenger bank dedicated especially to supporting established businesses – refinanced a large proportion of their debt. This partnership helped unlock additional capital, providing Inspired Learning with better rates and greater flexibility to support its ongoing expansion.

Amit Mehta said: “This is an exciting time for Inspired Learning. The funding we have secured is a vote of confidence in the success of our business and educational model, which will be a crucial step in our journey and the journeys of the students and families we serve.”

“In this highly fragmented market there will be more consolidation within the sector, as there is strength in numbers, and this is where ILG is well positioned to continue to grow and flourish.

“Our aim when we set up Inspired Learning was to step in and stop great schools having to close due to difficult financial circumstances. We saw the potential in the schools we brought into the group, and also the massive disruption that a school closing causes to a child’s education and their local communities. We are proud to say that not a single setting brought into Inspired Learning has had to close, and this is vital to giving our students the best possible start in life.”

He added: “Finding a business bank that has taken the time to understand and back our business means the future is brighter for the thousands of students across the Group, and we would like to thank our relationship manager Tim and the wider team at Allica for working with us.”

Tim O’Donovan, relationship manager at Allica Bank, said: “For too long banks in the UK have taken a ‘computer says no’ approach to their business customers. SMEs like Inspired Learning Group may often be complex businesses, but that complexity should not be a barrier to finance and progression. Inspired Learning is a great business and we are proud to be supporting them as the journey continues.”


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