Major consultation launched on city centre improvement plan

A major public consultation is taking place on proposed strategies for the long-term regeneration of Bristol city centre.

The draft city centre development and delivery plan has outlined a vision and set of principles to inform and coordinate development and regeneration proposals across the area.

With the aim of creating green, clean, safe, vibrant, accessible and inclusive spaces in the city, the plan will set out how existing streets, spaces and building uses should be designed and co-ordinated in the future.

It will also set out how new public, communal and private outdoor space should be provided as part of new development.

The proposed principles will guide future regeneration and what is needed to support a thriving city centre in the context of the climate and ecological emergencies and current economic and social pressures.

The plan focuses on an area in the city centre, around Broadmead and Castle Park, which has been identified as having the greatest need for change.

It sets out key changes that will support the revitalisation of the Broadmead area and make Castle Park a safer, more accessible, inclusive space for all.

Marvin Rees, mayor of Bristol, said: “The city centre development and delivery plan sets out an ambitious vision to guide the future of our city centre.

“As with all city centres in the post-pandemic landscape, the area faces multiple challenges, but our hope is that the principles set out in this plan will help future regeneration to ensure we can create a liveable, vibrant, safe and inclusive city centre that people of all ages will want to live and work in.

“As part of this consultation, we want to hear from residents, businesses, landowners and communities on what you think of the vision for the city centre. We want future redevelopment of our city to provide decent jobs, varied retail and to tackle the challenge of Bristol’s housing crisis, all whilst we face a climate and ecological emergency. Your views are so important in shaping our city’s future.

“Our vision for the future of Bristol city centre is one that offers diverse retail, vibrant culture facilities and a thriving evening economy, all while being somewhere that people can call home.”

The consultation will run until midnight on Sunday 1 October. Once all responses are gathered, an updated version will be presented to the council’s cabinet. If endorsed, it will become a material consideration for planning applications coming forward in the area. It will also be used to guide land and investment decisions.

The plan has evolved from the city centre framework that was adopted in 2020, which set out principles and broad proposals for regeneration and development in Bristol city centre.