South West legal firm hits carbon neutrality target

Mogers Drewett, a legal and financial planning firm in the South West has achieved carbon neutrality, making it one of the few businesses in the region with this certification.

To offset 100 per cent of its carbon footprint from the past year, Mogers Drewett collaborated with the Bath-based climate action consultancy Seedling.

The firm invested in gold-standard accredited renewable energy projects globally.

Implementing carbon reduction measures locally, Mogers Drewett introduced energy-efficient LED lighting in its offices and embraced home working.

As a member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance, the firm partnered with Ecology and commits to planting a tree for every newsletter sign-up, resulting in the planting of over 500 trees worldwide.

The firm has also reduced paper usage by adopting technologies like DocuSign, Bundledocs, and the Remarkable tablet, emphasising sustainability in its operations.

Additionally, Mogers Drewett conducted a comprehensive review of its stationery and energy suppliers, switching to providers with strong green credentials.

Harry Durston, green team leader at Mogers Drewett, said: “As a firm, we recognise that we have a responsibility to future generations to operate our business in a way that minimises our impact on the environment.

“So, we are extremely proud to become a certified carbon-neutral business. It provides independent recognition of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and operating more sustainably.”

Managing partner Sean McDonough, said: “Internally there is a strong drive to take measures that will make a positive impact on the environment, we not only accept that challenge we welcome it.  Clients are also acutely aware of the impact of climate change and supportive of our drive towards carbon neutrality.”