Bristol duo team up in new partnership

Sangeetha Wynter

Bristol-based social enterprise Babbasa has begun a new partnership with Triodos Bank.

The partnership aims to provide co-worders with training and recruitment support, allowing Tridos Bank, which has its UK headquarters in Bristol, to reach more young people from diverse communities.

Babbasa has delivered intercultural communications skills training to more than 300 Triodos co-workers.

This training supported attendees to discuss the complexities of a diverse workforce and delved into how we can create a sense of belonging for ethnically diverse co-workers, clients and customers.

The training was co-delivered by Sangeetha Wynter Babbasa’s Training and Inclusion Manager and Babbasa’s team of experienced EDI facilitators, Taz Rasul and Mikella Richards.

Wynter said: “The Triodos co-workers demonstrated not only a willingness but an enthusiasm to engage in the conversations around intercultural communication skills. It was evident that having opportunities to discuss actual scenarios, whilst being provided with tools to create more inclusive workplace practices, was where the most learning took place. Having facilitated conversations around EDI is so important to avoid people feeling uncomfortable, and if this can’t take place in person logistically then online can be just as effective”.

Catherine Ridd, HR Director at Triodos Bank UK, said: “It’s essential to our values as a sustainable bank that Triodos is an inclusive environment and that our co-workers can bring their whole selves to work. Through working with Babbasa’s expert team, we were able to develop an intercultural communications skills programme that has been well received.”

“The missions of Babbasa and Triodos are very aligned and we look forward to working with the team on future projects.”

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