Whether it’s sales or lettings, it’s not just about bricks and mortar. We’re purveyors of local Birmingham knowledge. Connoisseurs of city life. This innate inside knowledge means we can unlock the life you want to lead. It’s all about keeping everyone looked after.

As well as high-street PRS sales, lettings, management, and investment, FleetMilne also offer a BTR consultancy service.
We bring over 30 years of residential property experience in the Birmingham apartment market to offer comprehensive advisory services to developers, agents and fund managers delivering new properties to the area.
Led by Nicola Fleet-Milne, the team adopt an evidence-based approach, with its foundations in the data mined from their long-term core business. This data provides critical insight into historical trends, demographics and comparable sales and rental figures which, combined with anecdotal commentary and the innate understanding of tenant and buyer behavioural requirements, creates a potent and powerful combination for anyone assessing the viability of a new scheme or product.
The team can advise throughout the entire development process, producing accurately tailored reports for any audience and purpose, when required. From site identification, right through to final design, spec, furnishings and launch to market, FleetMilne has the on-the-ground experience to act as the perfect advisory partner.
Clients include Cordia BlackSwan, L&G, Patrizia, DTZ Investors, Rockspring, CBRE, Pimlico Capital and Urban Vision.