£850,000 grant helps launch AI scholarships

The University of Warwick is launching an international scholarships programme, thanks to a £850,000 grant.

A half-million-pound donation by Warwick graduate and artificial intelligence (AI) technology entrepreneur Jonathan Feuer, matched with funding by the University of Warwick, is powering the launch of the new Feuer International Scholarships in AI for Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or PhD research students in artificial intelligence at the university.

The aim of the scholarships is to create a group of world-leading MPhil and PhD researchers who will go on to have careers as research leaders in the field of AI.

The three-year scholarship will be in Warwick’s new Mathematical Sciences building, and candidates will have the opportunity to collaborate with Warwick’s Turing Fellows and work alongside London’s Alan Turing Institute.

The awards will be open to applicants from multiple disciplines, and it will cover full fees, home and overseas, a stipend and a travel and equipment allowance. This makes the scholarships worth up to £77,000 for a home student, and £132,000 for overseas students.

Stephen Jarvis, deputy pro vice Chancellor (Research), University of Warwick, and a member of the Programme Committee, Alan Turing Institute said: “The lucky recipients will have an incredible start to their career; generous funding, exciting research projects, the chance to engage with the Turing Institute, not to mention the prestige attached. We are very excited to launch the programme and are grateful to Jonathan for making it happen.”