Landlord forfeited restaurant leases because of ‘£416 unpaid rent’

Rodizio Rico
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The owner of Brazilian restaurant Rodizio Rico has said they were thrown out of their Birmingham city centre sites because of rent arrears totalling just £416.

Mike Nayla told that the forfeiture of the leases was served at 4am on Good Friday with no prior warning.

Mike Nayla

The company has taken legal action to have the leases reinstated.

Rodizio Rico had operated its churrascaria restaurant from The Cube since 2011. Its French coffee house, Madeleine, launched in 2014 followed by its pizza-and-pasta restaurant Osteria in 2017.

“We made a shortfall in the rent of £180 and £236,” he said. “It was a genuine mistake by our office on the added RPI part of the rent.”

Nayla said: “All of the money has been paid to them, including bailiff and legal fees.

“Now they are playing games, which we don’t understand. Maybe they have an offer on the unit and want to push us over the cliff?”

Rodizio Rico had been in dispute with the landlords at The Cube about an adjusted service charge, which had been dated back two years.

The Cube did not respond to a request for comment. It had already removed Rodizio Rico, Osteria and Madeleine from its website by Wednesday morning.

Elsewhere in the city, Spanish restaurant Amantia has revealed it is to close on May 5, with its lease being reassigned to a different operator, and Italian restaurant Pinocchio has shut in the Mailbox.