Birmingham’s Marriott hotel open after gas scare evacuation

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Birmingham’s Marriot Hotel on Hagley Road in Edgbaston was partially evacuated on Sunday night following a gas scare.

Gas was apparently released during the preparation of a swimming pool on the site.

The ground floor was evacuated on Sunday evening as a precaution. Gas monitors were in use and the West Midlands Fire Service said that the hotel had to be vented.

Birmingham locals were told to avoid the scene, but the hotel is now back up and running.

The Birmingham Marriott is a four-star hotel with a leisure club including fully equipped gym, spa and indoor pool.

A tweet from West Midlands Fire Service said: “We’ve responded to a minor incident at Marriott Hotel, B’ham involving preparation of chemical for the swimming pool which released a small amount of gas off. The ground floor of the hotel was evacuated whilst the area was ventilated.”

A spokeswoman from the Marriott told the Birmingham Mail on Sunday night: “The only thing that we will say is that we’re cooperating with the authorities.”