IT company rebrands and invests in new HQ

Kalamazoo IT has invested in a new headquarters in Oldbury following its joint acquisition by its managing director.

Employing more than 65 team members across its skilled departments, Kalamazoo’s new is headquarters in the Wharfside Business Park in Oldbury, includes offices, stores and a repair workshop.

The company acquired the Northfield-based ITS (IT Specialists) from Reynolds and Reynolds Ltd.

As pioneers of communication, the company was founded in 1886 and evolved as the first IT business in Birmingham and a century after its establishment diversified to become a leading computer manufacturer before scaling back operations in the early 2000s.

As well as its West Midlands headquarters, the company has nine hubs across the UK and field IT engineers stationed from Glasgow to Crawley.

Managing director Rod Taylor, who is a partner in the buy-out, said the company rebranded to Kalamazoo from ITS because the name is recognisable and would now be targeting local customers.

He said being local enables Kalamazoo to provide effective critical IT related services to Midlands-based organisations of differing sizes enabling them to stay connected and operational serving their customers.

“Kalamazoo IT has thrived over the years through their reputation to deliver great service – something still paramount today.

“We want to leverage the name Kalamazoo which has a long heritage and history in the Midlands.

“That means part of our strategy is to target customers in the Midlands as a local provider with nationwide capability.

Kalamazoo has also partnered with local charity St Basil’s to help and will encourage employees to gett involved their events to raise awareness and funds for homelessness.