Ultrasonic anti-fouling system specialist continues growth in the Gulf

Sonihull, a leading ultrasonic anti-fouling system, has opened a new office to serve the commercial shipping markets of the Middle East from a central location in Abu Dhabi.

Despite the global upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonihull is keeping its commercial shipping expansion plans on track with the opening of a new office in the Arabian Gulf.

Based in Coventry, Sonihull has developed an industry-leading ultrasound technology that safely prevents marine algae, weeds and molluscs from colonising ocean-going vessels and structures like ships and wind farms.

The technology removes the need for poisonous chemicals and microplastics in antifouling coatings and can reduce maintenance costs by up to 90%.

The new office will be headed by Lee Eccles who has been appointed as Sonihull’s regional sirector for the Middle East & South East Asia.

He said: “This is a great opportunity for me to help Sonihull expand into this region. Located in the heart of the Arabian Gulf, all of the oil majors and tanker operators are on our doorstep and they are keen to adopt new technologies than can dramatically reduce their operating costs whilst protecting the environment form poisonous biocides.”

“Lee’s appointment in the UAE is a great opportunity for us to build on our existing client base and to make in-roads with some of the world’s largest fleets,” said Darren Rowlands, CEO of Sonihull.