Floorings firm ahead of the game as lockdown eases

Kidderminster floorings firm Victoria says trading since lockdown eased has “exceeded management expectations” as it releases an update this morning (25 June).

The firm says sales have begun to recover across its UK and European and Australian markets and that further recover is expected as orders start to arrive from UK retailers.

A statement from the firm said: “It is important to remember that much of our product is exported outside of its country of manufacture. It is very encouraging that consumers within countries which did not lock down have shown consistent demand throughout the period, and those that exited lock down first (Germany and Austria, for example, who re-opened retail two months ago) have maintained very good demand following the initial rapid increase after we restarted operations. That said, our operations across all divisions remain prepared to react quickly to any future changes in demand.

“Finally, the Board would like to remind shareholders that Victoria’s supply chain is highly diversified and invariably localised to the key manufacturing plants. Our access to raw materials has remained secure throughout the period and we will be able to meet demand as it arises.”