Visual communications business develops digital offering

A Shropshire entrepreneur who captures information and key discussions at meetings and events through illustration has launched a digital service.

Hannah Williams runs Scribble Inc Ltd – a visual communications business which helps marketing, HR and communications teams to engage and inspire people through visual communication.

This often involves working with directors and leaders who want use visual solutions when communicating messages to their people.

Manchester School of Art alumni Williams developed her illustrative notetaking system during lectures that also helped other students.

During University, sheworked for a cyber security firm, aiding the communication of their complex and technical messages in an engaging, simplified, and visual way.

She said: “Drawing helped my understanding during lectures, and I knew there were more people who could benefit from a visual form of communication instead of dull words on a page.”

After graduating in 2018, Williams had several clients from sectors such as local authorities, legal and higher education using her skills for meetings and events. Her services include Rich Picture creations for reports and documents, Live Scribing for events, and Wall Murals to communicate a business’ vision and ethos.

Much of Scribble Inc’s business activity has been for face to face meetings, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, Williams has developed a fresh digital service with organisations moving to virtual meetings and video conferencing.

She said: “Being so used to live events and face-to-face meetings meant remote working was quite new to me. Since Covid-19, I have proactively adapted and met the needs of business and organisations who are finding it more difficult than ever to connect and communicate with their remote teams.”

Williams has joined the NatWest Accelerator based in Birmingham. Open to businesses of any age and at any stage, including larger companies with higher turnovers, the fully funded programme provides successful applicants with coaching and support to develop their businesses.

Williams said: “Running a limited company takes a team approach and creating networks and connections within the NatWest hub has been rewarding.

“It has been intense, I have developed new skills and addressed those I felt less confident in. Having my mentor in the hub, James Foster and access to other mentors in industry has been revolutionary. Through the programme I am growing confidence in pitching and sales, which could feel daunting before.”

Pam Sheemar, entrepreneur development manager at NatWest, added: “Scribble Inc is a fantastic business that offers a unique service to clients. It’s been brilliant to see how Hannah has embraced the programme and developed her business to meet the changing needs of her client base while also growing in confidence.”