Jewellery business opens new Birmingham store

A Birmingham-based jewellery business has opened a new store in the city’s Jewellery Quarter.

Jewellery Quarter Diamonds has opened the store on Vyse Street.

The family business, which was established in 1968 as a jewellery manufacturer, opened its first store – Sonny’s Jewellers, also on Vyse Street – back in 2015, selling bespoke retail jewellery.

Its latest store specialises in bespoke diamond designs.

Director Manish Jogia said: “We are delighted we have been able to continue with our expansion plans for the business and at the same time ensure that both our stores incorporate features to make our customers feel safe.

“As a jewellery business, customers naturally want to touch and feel the pieces – but most importantly, they want to feel they are in a safe environment to do so and not be put off by handling the jewellery. In the design for our new store, we have incorporated a customer hand-wash room and have glass dividers between consultation booths to ensure social distancing.”

Funding was provided by Barclays.

Diana Mais, business manager at Barclays in Birmingham, said:“I am delighted we have been able to support Jewellery Quarter Diamonds with their expansion plans. It’s a very difficult time for businesses across the board so to be helping a business to grow in this climate, is very rewarding. They are creating a number of local jobs too which has to be great news for our economy here in Birmingham.”