International expansion for lifestyle planning platform

A Solihull-based lifestyle planning platform has expanded into Malta.

Online marketing company Chitzo is a one-stop shop helping venues survive by promoting what they have on offer, that they are open for business and why people should go there.

The international move is proving successful despite a number of industries suffering as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.

The expansion of the online platform is being made in conjunction with the launch of a mobile app, meaning Chitzo has evolved from offering a sole website service.

The app provides increased convenience for users and operates alongside the latest international service, which is quickly gaining momentum.

Bosses at Chitzo say the platform will have the most powerful and flexible search capability across the widest range of things to do and is designed to enhance people’s lives by giving them real choice over what they want to do.

Richard Gwatkin of Chitzo says the internationalisation represents a big step for both local businesses and visitors to connect like never before at a time when people want to make the most of precious holidays in a Covid secure way.

“In the long term, as we learn to live with and overcome the pandemic, the site represents an empowering way to maximise your travel plans,” he said.

“The international move comes at a time when many parts of the economy at home and abroad are still in enforced closure and Malta is currently on the UK’s quarantine list. Despite this we still believe it’s a good time to be launching in Malta.

“Even though the pandemic is ongoing and a number of things are currently on hold, people still want to know what’s going on. It will be increasingly important once the recovery starts to happen and the service will provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to get going again in the right way as well as enabling holiday-hungry tourists to make the most of their vacation.

“Malta has fantastic heritage, natural beauty and climate which is why it’s so popular as a tourist destination. There are many reasons why we chose Malta for our first phase of internationalisation but one of the main considerations was its diversity and depth of things to do. For such a small island it really packs a lot in with strong options for a wide range of demographics.

“People need it to publicise their offerings and that is more important than ever now for tourist destinations such as Malta.

“From scuba diving schools to live music bars, which may have diversified, and restaurants, the platform will host them all and help people discover where they can eat out, socialise and find any activity in the area they are interested in.”

Gwatkin said people are now able to make the most of the Chitzo platform to enhance their day-to-day lives in the UK and when planning trips further afield, with the Malta expansion the first phase in an ongoing plan to launch a presence in other locations.

The firm’s head of operations for Malta, Antoine Attard said: “This is really and truly a fantastic opportunity for Malta to showcase its diversity in the most dynamic way.

“Tourism has always played a major part in our economy and this platform can only enhance opportunities for local businesses and tourists to connect like never before.”