Electric motorcycle brand revs up for UK launch

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Electric motorcycle brand Maeving has hired Wild Card to manage its UK launch this month.

The bike maker, based in Coventry, is launching practical electric bikes that “channel the best of British motorcycle design heritage into a new type of electric vehicle”.

Maeving said its USP is the bike’s removable battery – which can be charged from any plug socket, whether at work or at home, making it easy to re-fuel.

Wild Card has been brought on board to drive interest ahead of the bike going on general sale in January.

Maeving’s founder, Seb Inglis-Jones, said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for us. After several years of product development to get our revolutionary bikes to market, it was imperative we found the right PR partner to launch – one with great connections, the experience in successfully launching start-up brands, and a passion for doing right by the planet that equals our own. Wild Card fitted the bill perfectly.”

Wild Card MD, Georgie Upton, added: “We are genuinely excited by the game-changing potential of Maeving’s electric bikes, and helping the brand accelerate the electric revolution in the two-wheeled space.”