Gold Coast is being kept safe by anti-terrorist bollard manufacturer

Safetyflex’s Truckstopper anti-terrorist security bollards along Surfers Paradise

An Australian seaside resort on the Gold Coast has had hundreds of anti-terrorist bollards installed by Coventry-based Safetyflex Barriers.

The ‘Truckstopper’ security bollard and crash-rated street furniture have been carried out along Surfers Paradise.

With more than ten million visitors each year, the local government wanted to apply measures to protect the public in high footfall areas.

The bollards provide a resolute hostile vehicle mitigation scheme (HVM) with Safetyflex’s slim-line oval shroud to ensure they blend well with the local area.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex, said: “This high-quality, cost-effective solution is amongst our most popular products with overseas clients due to its slim-line aesthetic appearance and shallow foundation which utilises our military-grade patented steel technology, to help to keep shipping costs low.

“Due to the ease of installation, these types of bollards are favoured for public realm products as they only require a simple shallow foundation, meaning less dirt-away and less disruption to public footpaths and walkways, but most of all for the award-winning aesthetic look of the oval bollards.”

Following the 2017 vehicle attacks at Bourke Street Mall in Melbourne, Australian HVM supplier Ezi Security and Safetyflex products have been implemented to protect the public from similar attacks.

Safetyflex is now one of the biggest suppliers of anti-terrorist bollards in Australia, with previous work including securing one of the busiest railway stations in Sydney, two of Brisbane’s most popular tourist attractions, and East Police Station in Melbourne.

The Truckstopper anti-terrorist security bollards and crash-rated street furniture installed in Surfers Paradise won the Australian Product of the Year award at the Australian Security Industry Awards two years running, in 2017 and 2018.