Multimillion-pound partnership to deliver global clean tech solutions from Nuneaton base

HORIBA MIRA battery suite

A Nuneaton-based engineering and testing consultancy has announced a partnership with Ceres Power to expand the UK’s delivery of new fuel cell and hydrogen technology to international markets.

Ceres Power, specialising in fuel cell and electrochemical technology selected HORIBA MIRA and the wider HORIBA group to be its fuel cell and electrolysis test partner and supplier of next-generation test stands after extensive market review. The partnership combines UK expertise to serve global markets with clean technology solutions at scale.

The multimillion-pound agreement will see the development of a new 2,580 sq ft test facility at HORIBA MIRA’s headquarters.

There will be additional agreements to develop the next generation of testing infrastructure to support Ceres’ core technology and system development, resulting in new and valuable high skill employment opportunities.

In addition to the new testing facilities at HORIBA MIRA, the scope of works also spans the design, manufacture and certification of fuel cell testing systems, known as test stands, by the wider HORIBA group, in order that Ceres can deploy testing into international markets with solutions that are locally compliant.

By bringing together high growth technology and trusted testing, Ceres aims to expand its global operations and position itself at the forefront of the international hydrogen economy

Phil Caldwell, chief executive officer at Ceres said: “Ceres is making a significant investment in the UK, aligned with the Government’s hydrogen strategy and principles. The new centre and collaboration with HORIBA MIRA will accelerate our high growth technology through trusted testing, supporting delivery to our global partnership base and expansion into new markets.”