Birmingham Airport CEO receives 49% pay increase

Birmingham Airport’s CEO Nick Barton has received a 49% pay rise, amid major delays and cancellations.

Barton’s annual wage has now risen from £399,000 to £595,000, an increase that trade unions have said is “absolutely disgraceful”.

Airport board member John McNicholas said: “It is paying the appropriate rate and while it may seem high for many, many people because of the current circumstance, we’ve also got to look to the future and ensure we have the right person in the post.”

Jane Nellist, the president of Coventry Trade Union Council said this was, “yet another example of workers being told to tighten their belts, while the fat cats take the cream”.

The airport was forced to lay off 43% of its staff during the pandemic and now says it is aiming to be back to full staffing levels by August.

Heathrow’s chief executive has also received an annual salary increase of 85% to a£1.5m a year, and the boss at Manchester Airport had a pay rise of 25% to £2.5m.

The Department for Transport said: “The aviation industry is responsible for making sure they have enough staff to meet demand, and we have been clear that they must step up recruitment to make sure disruption is kept to a minimum.”