High-tech NFT business launched with £1m investment

A technology business specialising in NFT digital art has been launched in Birmingham with an investment of £1m.

Elevate Labs has received significant financial support from Woodbourne Ventures – a new investment company.

It has enabled Elevate Labs to develop a unique collection of carbon neutral NFTs. The Wolf of Kensington (TWOK), is a collection of 3D generative digital art described as “the most exclusive in the global community”. Each ‘wolf’ comes with a range of benefits for its owner, including access to a prestigious concierge service and exclusive investment opportunities.

Woodbourne Ventures is the venture capital initiative launched recently by Woodbourne Group. Chief executive Tani Dulay said they have invested close to £1m, from Woodbourne Ventures and other sources, in developing the NFT product.

The team behind Elevate Labs includes thought leaders in the web3 space, leading blockchain developers, artists, animators and marketers who have worked with blue-chip brands from eBay and EA Games to Government entities.

“The role of Woodbourne Ventures is to champion the next generation of entrepreneurs and wealth-creators who are striving to build exciting breakthrough businesses. We take our inspiration from the ideas, dreams and goals of talented individuals looking to take their vision to the next level,” said Dulay.

“The launch of Elevate Labs and The Wolf of Kensington NFT collection is a perfect demonstration of how we can give exciting companies a kick-start and follows a long and intense period of creative development led by a world-class team.

“We are incredibly proud of the product Elevate Labs has produced. TWOK is a highly coveted carbon neutral NFT collection of generative art with real world utility. The digital assets give holders access to a global and leading concierge service and will also provide investment opportunities that they can benefit from that would otherwise be out of their reach.”

Tani added: “Each wolf provides access to a luxury lifestyle app and concierge service, ahead of the NFT fashion curve. The world class concierge service will provide access to £14,000 per annum of benefits and the new app will give holders all this luxury at their fingertips.

“Elevate Labs has the bandwidth to help shape the metaverse and create bold, new communities. TWOK is just the start.”

TWOK will be officially launched in Q3 2022.

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