Rimac set to expand UK operations

Car manufacturer Rimac is embarking on a recruitment drive as it sets its sights on growing its Technology R&D team next year.

Headquartered just outside of Zagreb in Croatia, Rimac Technology is one part of the Rimac Group, which also includes Bugatti Rimac.

The UK office, currently based in Warwickshire, is looking to expand its workforce in control systems, electrical and battery systems engineering for key automotive projects.

Rimac’s temporary Technology UK office was first opened in early 2021 and had grown to employ 15 people by the end of its first year.

During 2022, Rimac Technology has worked with names such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Hyundai and Kia, and hired a total of 537 people across its Croatian and UK operations.

The team will also be recruiting for Project 3 Mobility – a company connected to the Rimac Group that is developing a new energy storage project. 

Mate Rimac, Rimac Group CEO, said: “The level of engineering talent within the UK makes it an absolutely crucial location for our growing Rimac Technology business.

“There’s such a high concentration of innovative young mobility companies, established automotive brands and motorsport experts that it makes sense for us to have a hub in the country that will allow people to be a part of the Rimac Group without the potential upheaval of moving country.

“This is a long-term strategy for us, and while our current UK home is temporary, we are already seeking a larger, more permanent base in the country in line with our future growth predictions for the company.”

The Rimac Group will begin to move part of its operations to the new Rimac Campus in Croatia in 2023.

Located 16kms from Zagreb, the €200m plus development will provide facilities for more than 2,500 Rimac Technology and Bugatti Rimac employees.