Ryanair ready to snap up Flybe staff

A recruitment event is being held by Ryanair for Flybe staff who have been made redundant, after the regional airline left 276 employees without a job.

Flybe collapsed into administration on Saturday (January 28) and impacted the travel of around 75,000 passengers.

A message from Ryanair on a dedicated online page for Flybe staff reads: “For all Flybe staff affected by the recent announcement, the Ryanair Group have set up a fast track recruitment process for Flybe Employees and have positions for all of you across all areas of our business including flight crew, cabin crew, engineers, ground staff and office staff. We will endeavour to get you back into employment as soon as possible.”

Ryanair says it will fast track applications from ex Flybe staff and promises that all flight deck, ground staff and engineering positions will be guaranteed a UK base. Its head office and operations control positions will be based in Dublin.

It will be holding an event at Birmingham Airport on Thursday 2nd February.

Some of Flybe’s employees worked remotely and in Belfast and Exeter, but the majority of staff were based in Birmingham.

In total, 133 people were made redundant in Birmingham, with 99 from the airport and 34 from its Birmingham headquarters in Diamond House.

A total of 45 members of the firm’s 320 staff have been retained to assist the joint administrators at Interpath Advisory.

David Pike, Managing Director at Interpath Advisory and Joint Administrator to the Company, said Flybe’s administration, “is real a setback in terms of the UK’s regional connectivity at a time when infrastructure and levelling up is high on the agenda”.

The company had been severely impacted by the late delivery of 17 aircraft which it needed for its schedule, and which compromised both the airline’s capacity and its ability to remain competitive. Pike says this factor drove, “significant financial losses and an associated cash drain for the business”.