Strong results flow in for waterways specialist

Waterways specialist The Rothen Group has announced turnover of £5.2m following the release of its 2023 financial year results.

Turnover has increased by 20% from 2022, while its impact on the local economy stands at £2.5m.

As a result, The Rothen Group is now one of the UK’s leading waterway civil engineering and maintenance businesses, providing critical support ensuring the country’s canals continue run smoothly.

The company, which is based in Atherstone, has also reported a 30% year-on-year increase in team members since the beginning of 2015. The Rothen Group says that part of its success lies in its recruitment policy, which is not dictated by grades or degrees.

Currently, 93% of the company’s employees do not hold a university degree, as it continues to adopt an employment culture which does not primarily focus on academic achievements.

Of its 30 employees, only two have graduated from university, while 20 of its members have been supported through apprenticeship or work-based training programmes.

Charlotte Rothen, Ddirector at The Rothen Group, said: “As a business, our success is built on hiring the right people, focusing on knowledge, innovation, expertise and team spirit. Whether the candidate has qualifications is not the most important factor, as we offer support through training and development programmes.

“We feel that this has been a key reason for our success and continued growth and we want to encourage employers across the country to ensure they provide equal opportunities to all, regardless of education levels. It’s important that businesses show their support to those who do not have the opportunity, whether by choice or grade limitations, to further their education.”

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