Transport tech company to partner with Transport for West Midlands

Transport tech company to partner with Transport for West Midlands
Its AI software will be used to improve future road safety within the West Midlands

VivaCity, a transport technology company, is partnering with Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to enhance road safety in the region.

In a first-of-its-kind UK Road Safety project, 32 existing sensors across local West Midlands authorities will be upgraded with the Near Miss feature.

This technology assesses interactions between road users to estimate collision likelihood.

The project, conducted in two phases, aims to diagnose collision causes, provide insights, and recommend preventive measures.

The collaboration builds on VivaCity’s history of successful projects with TfWM and WMCA, focusing on leveraging technology to enhance road safety through data analysis.

Mark Nicholson, CEO and Co-Founder at VivaCity said: “The upgrade of our existing sensors to include Near Miss will aid in our goal of diagnosing the root causes of dangerous road user interactions over the coming months. We aim to use the collated data to improve road safety throughout the West Midlands, and in turn, identify more hotspots that could be vital to reducing traffic incidents. This partnership is a positive step in improving road safety in the UK.”

Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands and chair of the WMCA, said: “Our existing partnership is going a long way in future-proofing our road networks, however, with the added benefits of Near Miss technology, local authorities will be empowered to help prevent future road collisions by being aware of issues before the worst happens. Our shared mission is to innovate road traffic networks to make improvements for local people across the board. Road safety is of paramount importance so it is great to be working with VivaCity to help make this a reality.”