Automotive start-up invests in software to design electric trucks

Ox Delivers

A startup, known as the ‘Uber for global farmers,’ is using PTC’s Onshape software to design electric trucks.

Warwick-based OX Delivers, founded in 2020, focuses on creating durable electric trucks for challenging environments. The goal is to offer small rural farmers a reliable and cost-effective means of transporting perishable crops to the market.

Currently running a pilot project in Rwanda, OX Delivers allows local businesses to purchase truck space for delivering goods.

Feedback from the pilot is being used by the company’s engineering team in Leamington Spa to improve the vehicle’s durability, environmental impact, and user experience.

Kristiana Hamilton, engineer at OX Delivers, said: “There has already been so much design and prototyping work done to get us to where we are today, with an electric prototype currently running in Rwanda. However, we are very much still in the development phase as we move to create a unique low-emission truck that is fit for purpose and can be easily assembled overseas.

“Adopting Onshape as our core design platform has been a game-changer for the team. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and the ability to iterate in real-time has cut lead times and ensures we can meet our ‘sprint’ strategy on new designs. We’re only a small engineering unit compared to much larger businesses, so often work across different areas of the vehicle. Clarity of information, plus the ability to do basic simulation can eliminate any costly modifications quickly, and we can easily add in on-the-ground feedback to our modelling.”

Jon Hirschtick, EVP at PTC said: “OX Delivers is transforming the way emerging countries transport goods, delivering better lives and opportunities for local people. It is another fantastic UK innovation on a global scale, and we are delighted that OX Delivers is utilising Onshape to overcome some of the natural design challenges that occur when you are building a bespoke vehicle to deliver sustainable transport in harsh environments.”