BT Group to embark on recruitment drive

BT Group has announced plans to recruit more than 30 apprentices and graduates in Birmingham for its 2024 intake.

The company are recruiting in areas such as software engineering, customer service, applied research, data analytics and cyber-security to support the UK’s fast-growing digital sectors.

A total of 33 positions will be recruited including 18 graduate positions and 15 apprenticeships.

The new roles will be based at BT’s new offices at Three Snowhill in the city’s business district.  A further apprentice will be recruited in nearby Walsall.

The building which officially opened in December 2021 forms part of BT Group’s Better Workplace Programme.

Apprentice Abi Milne, said: “A misconception about apprenticeship schemes is that you are just an assistant and aren’t solely accountable for anything, however, my experiences have proved the complete opposite.

“When I reflect on my current position based on my ability three years ago it reveals notable progress, showcasing substantial growth in my knowledge and expertise

Elaine Bergin, director of colleague experience at BT Group, said: “As one of the largest private sector employers of apprentices and graduates in the UK, we continue to recruit and attract brilliant people into our business and we offer unparalleled opportunities to those who join us.

“As we build a better BT Group, we’re developing a pipeline of future talent to help grow our business, deliver great outcomes for our customers and help underpin economic growth in the UK.”

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